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Welcome to the SVC Library!

One-stop shopping for library basics.

Friendly & accessible librarians

We understand the importance of a friendly face.  It not only creates a comfortable study environment, it also goes a long way in making your student feel comfortable in asking for help. If you have questions or would like more information please feel free to contact us.

Moving beyond Google

Research will be an important part of your student's life no matter what career path they choose. That's why it's important they learn research skills. 

Our goal as librarians is to teach your student:

  • Where to go for accurate and reliable information
  • To evaluate information
  • To choose information appropriate to their research needs

We also offer:

  • In-class research instruction
  • One-on-one appointments with a librarian
  • Research help in person, via email, or telephone

To learn more about our research outreach to students see the Research tab.

Books and databases

Our book collection consists of both physical and electronic books that can be downloaded to e-readers. Our database collection contains resources that cover all our academic departments.

To learn more visit our resources page.

Interlibrary loan

If we don't own a copy of a library item your student requests, we use a lending service called Interlibrary loan which allows us to borrow from other libraries. To learn more about this service choose the Interlibrary loan tab.

Interlibrary loan resources include:

  • All academic and public libraries in the state of Vermont
  • Many libraries throughout the United States

We (also) offer lending on a walk-in basis to the following libraries:

  • Williams College libraries
  • Bennington College library
  • Bennington Free library

Work study

We employ several work study students each semester.

Many of our work study students enjoy the ability to do homework after their work study duties are completed.

If your student has been approved for work study and is interested in working in the library, please contact Library Director Sarah Sanfilippo for more information.

Cultural enrichment

Cultural enrichment is an important part of the college experience.  To provide your student the opportunity to explore the arts, and beyond, we provide passes to several museums. To learn more about these museums, and others, visit our Bennington Area Attractions page.

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