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Welcome to the SVC Library!

One-stop shopping for library basics.

Library 101

Who are we?

Sarah Sanfilippo: Library Director  Contact me for purchasing suggestions, library policies, library instruction, research help, database assistance, library work study opportunities.

Sara Yetto: Library Assistant  Contact me for general library assistance and interlibrary loan.

When are we here?  Sarah S and Sara Y are in the Library between 8 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday. Stop in and see us, or make an appointment if you want to make sure we're here when you come. The Library is also open at night and on weekends, and staffed by students when we're not here. For our current hours, see the Hours tab on this page.

Why are we here? We are here to guide you through using all the resources available to you through SVC's library and on the Internet. We don't expect you to be expert researchers the first time you sit down and start a paper. We don't even expect seniors to know everything! Even we as library staff are constantly learning new skills. We can help you get started, or help you expand or narrow your research. We can even point you to resources that will help you narrow or expand on a topic.

The SVC Library collection can provide you with print books and journals, as well as a great number of electronic resources. We can help you find material from other colleges as well. We can also help you find books to read for fun. If you want assistance with ANY kind of searching, please come see us.

If you have ideas about what we should be buying, please let us know!

Five ways to improve your success in the library!

Want to make the most of your visit to the library? Follow these tips for sure success!

Bring your syllabus and assignment sheet with you.
Sure, librarians know a lot, but even we can’t read your instructor’s mind! The more details we can see about your assignment, the better we can help you.

Plan ahead.
Think about your topic before you come in. Do some brainstorming or mind mapping—use whatever method works for you. Come up with some key words, and have an idea of what you would like to focus your search on. Doing this doesn’t mean your ideas can’t change, but at least we’ll have a starting point when we sit down to get some work done.

Allow yourself time for searching.
So many times we encounter students who drop by on the way to class to do some quick research. Sometimes this works, but usually it doesn’t leave you enough time to find quality sources that really fit with your assignment. I’ve often just barely gotten to the good stuff when a student will say, “OK, let’s just print the first three—I have to get to class!” And of course this applies to the long run too. If it is the night before your assignment is due and you are just starting your search for sources, how well do you really think you’ll be able to analyze and process the information before writing your paper?

Talk to a librarian.
You are not on your own! Librarians are here to help you—it’s our job, and no question is too simple. While we value our work study students greatly, and know that they are very helpful, they are not trained to assist with research. Sarah S has prepared with many years of experience and advanced degrees to be able to talk to you and find out what you need. She also knows the ins and outs of the book catalog and electronic databases.

If you happen to come in at a time when she is not available, drop an e-mail or voicemail and she will get back to you. If you can only come in in the evening or on weekends, talk to us, and we can work something out to accommodate your schedule.

Wear layers.
We just have to accept it. We work and go to school in an old stone building that was built as a summer home. When the heat is on, it’s toasty. When the heat is off, there’s a chill in the air. Come prepared!

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