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EN 101/102/150: First Year Writing Courses

Welcome to the guide for First Year Writing courses! This is a page of resources created specifically for your courses.‚Äč To access the library's main page, click the "SVC Library Home" link at the top of this page.

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First-Year Writing at SVC: What you can expect

EN 101:  This course provides learning experiences that develop knowledge about reading and writing as rhetorically situated and recursive acts. In addition, this part of the first-year writing sequence prioritizes the cultivation of critical thinking practices and familiarity with conventions of academic writing, including curiosity, engagement, creativity, persistence, responsibility, flexibility, and metacognition---the ability to reflect on why you do what you do while writing and reading (for more information about this stance on teaching writing, please read  

EN 102:  As the second part of a year-long sequence in First Year Writing, this course builds from learning experiences in EN 101, developing knowledge about reading, writing, and researching as rhetorically situated and recursive acts. This part of the sequence adds research project design, execution, and management to the previous emphasis on critical thinking and conventions of academic writing.


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