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Interlibrary Loan FAQ

What is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)? 
ILL is the sharing of materials (books,articles, etc.) between libraries.


Who can use SVC ILL?  
Enrolled students, faculty, staff, and administrators.


What can I get through ILL? 
Journal articles, books, government documents, etc. Some items (like DVDs or brand-new books) may or may not be available, depending on the owning library's policies. ILL can NOT provide course textbooks, or items to be placed on Reserve for faculty.


How do I request articles? 
There are a number of methods:

  • If you find an article abstract with no full text in our EBSCOhost or ProQuest databases, look for the link to submit an ILL request.
  • For other items (like Google Scholar links they want you to pay for, or databases without a link) get the citation and use our online form.
  • Or you can always contact a librarian for personal help.


How do I request books? 
Books can be requested using our online form, or by contacting a librarian in person, by email, or phone.


Is there a charge? 


How many items can I request? 
There is no limit.


How long does it take? 
Most electronic items arrive in 2-3 days, but generally it takes between 7-10 days for physical Interlibrary Loan items to arrive, so please plan accordingly.


How will I know my loan is ready? 
You will receive an automated notice via SVC email that your item(s) has arrived.


Where do I pick it up? 
Electronic items are sent directly to your SVC email account. Other items will be held for you at the library front desk. 


How long can I keep an ILL? 

  • Articles do not need to be returned; they are yours to keep. 
  • Most books and other physical materials are loaned for 3-4 weeks and could be renewed once depending on the policies of the lending library. You will be given an exact date stating when your item is due back to the SVC library. Ovedue fines of $1/day per book are charged after this date.


What if I need it longer? 
Most libraries allow one renewal. Let a librarian know ahead of time that you want an item renewed. If an item cannot be renewed we expect you to return it on time, and we will try to borrow it again from another library. If you keep items past the due date, you jeopardize our good-standing relationships with other libraries. 


What are the limitations to ILL service? 

  • Items borrowed through ILL cannot be placed on reserve
  • Items borrowed from other libraries are lent for a short period of time, generally 3-4 weeks, with possibly one renewal. This is why we don't request course textbooks through ILL.
  • Books/media borrowed from other libraries are subject to immediate recall, if they are needed back at the lending library.

In some cases, if an item is deemed useful to SVC at large, we may purchase it rather than request it through ILL.


Are there alternatives to ILL? 
Yes. If you prefer not to use ILL, contact a librarian to discuss your research needs. We may be able to locate similar materials which are available through the SVC library or on the Internet.


Overdue Books 
SVC library charges $1/day per book for overdue ILL books. If you keep items past the due date, you jeopardize our good-standing relationships with other libraries.


Lost ILL Books/Media 
You are responsible for all items you borrow. If an item is lost or not returned, replacement fees are determined by the lending library. If you lose or damage and item, let us know as soon as possible. 

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