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Research Help

Research Appointments

We are here to guide you using all the resources available to you through SVC's library and the Internet. We don't expect you to be expert researchers the first time you sit down and start a paper. We don't even expect seniors to know everything! 

During a research appointment, we can...

  • Help you get started.
  • Point you to resources that will help you understand a topic.
  • Help you expand or narrow your research.
  • Offer general research guidance.

Contact a librarian to get started!

Research Guidance

If you want to talk it out with a librarian, please let us know and we can sit down together!

Check a story here:

Resources and explanations:

"Fake News" in the news:

Stages of research anxiety, based on Carol Kuhlthau's Information Search Process (ISP) model

See more about Ms. Kuhlthau and her research!

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How-to Help

Problem: You've got a citation - but no full text article. Maybe you've taken it from a bibliography, or there's an online article that asks for payment, or you've found something in a database that doesn't include full text. What can you do? You've actually got a few options. Follow along below!

Prep work: Gather as many citation details as you can. 

Solution #1: Ask a librarian! That's what we're here for. We can help. 

Solution #2: Title Search. Enter the journal title (not the article title) to see if it is covered in one of our databases. You will need to know the journal title, and the date of the article. If it's there, this service will give you a link to search that journal in the database, where you can enter the article title. Confusing? See Solution #1.  

Solution #3: Unpaywall. This browser extension will find you legally uploaded Open Access versions of pay-to-view articles you are viewing on the web. (Does not work for library databases.) Need help figuring it out? See Solution #1. 

Solution #4: Interlibrary loan. If we can't find an article within our databases, or on the open web, we can almost always borrow it from another library! Use the ILL link within a database, fill out our online form, or see Solution #1!

When you read an article in a library database, the URL in the browser is not permanent. It might work for a few hours or days, but eventually it will not bring you to your resource. The presentation shows how to find permalinks in our databases, and on a couple of web sites. The print version is not as thorough, but can be printed easily to follow along.


Prefer video? Here's one created by librarians at California State, Fullerton.


So what exactly happens when you hit SEARCH? Matt from Google explains.

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Citations and Plagiarism

Here's how to create citations in our two largest databases. Look for similar links in other databases as well.


OWL: Online Writing Lab from Purdue University. An excellent source for all kinds of writing help. 

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